Fitting Services

Why Precision Fit

Precision Fit is an investment in the enjoyment of your bicycle, and a commitment to ride harder, longer, or more comfortably than before. It’s all about getting you closer to your cycling goals, whatever they might be. A proper fit helps you get there by idealizing your riding position for efficiency and comfort. While Precision Fit was developed to ensure Trek athletes were in a position to put down maximum power on the pedals with maximum efficiency, experience has shown us it has much wider application as well.

Pain is not a normal part of cycling, and while there is no one-stop fix for chronic discomfort and the hampered performance that comes with it, high-tech analysis and the insights of experienced professionals can go a long way to improving anyone’s experience on the bike. Reaching your training goals will be easier with high-tech analysis tailored to your body and riding style. This is where Precision Fit comes in.

Precision Fit is more than a programmatic system to adjust components and their position. It is a discussion, evaluation, and analysis that leads to unique solutions to the unique challenges and needs of individual cyclists.

Trek Precision Fit Philosophy

Don’t leave your fit to a formula. Trek believes the best fit is achieved with a combination of analysis and personal care. Our techs are trained to put an emphasis on your goals and preferences, ensuring you leave with a fit that yields exactly the benefits you want it to.

Anatomical Analysis

This part of the equation is all about determining what unique properties of your physique and range of motion are impacting ride quality. Technicians focus on putting you in the position where you can create the most force on the pedals, and maintain that force for the longest possible time.

Individualized Focus

Individualized focus means engaging in dialogue about your goals, what’s holding you back, and how you would like to see your riding or ride quality improve. Precision Fit is all about getting the right setup for you and only you, and that begins with the right questions.

Critical Thinking

Precision Fit is evidence based, but data is analyzed on a case-by-case basis that is guided by the customer’s focus. We have amazing technology to compile data on every element affecting comfort and performance, but at the end of the day this data is only as good as the technician who has the critical thinking skills to apply it to your situation.

The Precision Fit Process

Precision Fit couples a personal understanding of your relationship with cycling and your bicycle with advanced sport science technologies and quantitative analysis. Precision Fit considers both preference and performance, making it applicable to anyone who is hoping to get more enjoyment out of their bicycle.

 The fit process will take between 2- 2 1/2 hours and involves:

  • Detailed Interview
  • Basic Physical Assessment:range of motion
  • Cleat alignment
  • On bike adjustment
  • Motion Capture
  • Review of Fit
  • One follow up session within 3 months of inital fitting


$200    Aero:$250

  • Shoe sizing and cleat placement
  • Saddle selection
  • Saddle height
  • Saddle fore/aft position
  • Handlebar width and position
  • Video Analysis of cycling position



This Trek Precision Fit-exclusive tool will help you get in the right position, with the right saddle, in just one session. This latest technology helps you visualize your pressure distribution across any saddle, on any bike.



Custom fit is Shimano's latest technology in where they adapt the shoe to fit your foot instead of the other way around.  The heat-mouldable fitting system combines the three most important properties of a competitive cycling shoe: Stability, Rigidity and Light weight, with the custom feel and performance benefits of a perfect anatomical fit. We also offer Shimano's custom footbeds that will improve your current shoes to fit and feel better.

 All fits require you to be dressed as if going for a ride in shorts, a jersey and bike shoes.  A dressing room is available for your changing needs.  We discount any additional parts that are needed to complete your fit by 10%.